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We’ve been listening and watching the industry and have been hearing from collectors, consumers and distributors for quite some time that there’s a need for a new player in town.  One that has their priorities straight and believes in quality craftsmanship and a “Made in America” mentality.

People want a company that's focused first on creating an incredible game experience and less on how to make a quick buck and that’s exactly what American Pinball is all about.

We believe in hiring good people with an authentic approach to the pinball industry combined with a experience in the industry that will position our company to be an innovator, leader and pioneer for years to come.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is one of our greatest strengths as it provides us with an opportunity to make strategic and quick decisions with the goal of delivering the most engaging, fun and unique pinball machines ever created.

Since day 1 of American Pinball we knew we wanted to create a company that would distinguish itself from the industry both as a result of the company itself and the products we manufacture.

Our first game Houdini, Master of Mystery will be our first real example of that.